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Why Bamboo?

There are many good reasons why we should choose bamboo. The look and feel of the bamboo, the sustainability we can achieve and the endless things we can build and substitute with bamboo.

Advantages of Moso bamboo

Our Advantages

choose 4-6 years of Mao bamboo
Select 4-6 Years Bamboo
3-ply crossed laminated bamboo panels
Laminated Cross Construction
Water-resisting_UV_Coating of bamboo standing desktops
Wear-resisting UV Coating
advanced equipment for making bamboo tabletops
Carefully Crafted

Bamboo Standing Desktops

With advanced processing lines and professional workers, we are excelling in manufacturing bamboo ergonomic table tops. Bamboo standing desktops are not only environmentally friendly, but also resists scratches, water and insects.

Vertical Bamboo Desktops

High Quality for most of standing desk, tables and uplift-desk

Rustic River Bamboo Desktops

Elegant and antique for design shapes of table tops

Strand Woven Bamboo Desktops

Super hard and strong as home & office desktops

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Solid bamboo tabletops

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