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Who We Are?

Bamboo Desktops is based on Zhejiang, one of the biggest Moso bamboo districts in China. Specialize in manufacturing bamboo sit and stand table tops and other work benchtops for home & office furniture. With R&D department , we can develop more competitive products for our clients. Welcome to custom your bamboo table tops.

views of BAMBOODESKTOPS warehouse

Why Us?

We are dedicated in manufacturing bamboo worktops. All the bamboo boards are made by ourselves to ensure the best quality. With advanced equipment and professional workers, our bamboo tabletops which can apply interior and exterior furniture are exported to more than 20 countries. In order to catch up with the trends, we invest a large number of specialists and materials to continuously develop cost-effective structures and better surface treatment methods of furniture.



Located in one of the biggest Moso bamboo districts has rich resources.


More than 14 years experience of manufacturing bamboo panels & table tops.



Check piece by piece in the processing. Provide third party service to control quality for our clients.


With R&D team, We provide OEM & ODM service to meet our customers' requirements

Main Processing of Bamboo Standing Desktops


Bamboo Poles

To achieve the good quality, we use 4-6 years Mao bamboo which the strength and hardness is the best.

Bamboo Boards

All of our boards are hot pressed can reach E1, E0 standards. The sizes, shapes and structures can be customized. Normally we recommend 3-ply bamboo furniture boards which are more stable and durable.

3-ply bamboo panels for bamboo ergonomic standing desktops
advanced CNC machines for customized different shapes

Cut Into Shapes

Using advanced equipment to cut the boards into shapes. Besdes, can custom edge fillets, screw hole, grommet holes, logo print etc..

Lacquer Coating

Our bamboo desktops are coating with super tough UV-cured, water-based polyurethane lacquer. After coating, it easily protects worktops from scratch, water and other hits.

UV coating machines for bamboo desktops
packing rectangle bamboo standing desktops


In order to avoid damage during transportation, normally the bamboo desktops are protected by EPE and cardboard (meets ISTA-3A standards)

Corner electric bamboo standing desks

Design Your Uplift Bamboo Desktops

The sizes, shapes, and structures are available for custom!